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Applying for Financial Aid

Student Type

  • Entering 澳门唯一正规官方网站 Freshman (first time enrolling in a college)

  • Transfer Student (attended any other college prior to enrollment at 澳门唯一正规官方网站)

  • Continuing Student (has completed at least one semester at 澳门唯一正规官方网站)

    • Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), listing 澳门唯一正规官方网站's Federal School Code ( 002302).
    • After completing the FAFSA, the United States Department of Education will then determine your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). This EFC determines eligibility for various federal and state financial aid programs. The federal processor will provide the applicant with a Student Aid Report (SAR), electronically, within 7 to 10 days. 澳门唯一正规官方网站’s Student Financial Services office will receive the Institutional Student Aid Report (ISAR) electronically within 3–4 business days.
    • When your financial aid process is complete, the 澳门唯一正规官方网站 Student Financial Services office will notify you through your 澳门唯一正规官方网站 email account. You will need to accept your awards — online — via 澳门唯一正规官方网站 Self-Service.


Types of Financial Aid

Scholarships & Grants

Money you usually don't have to pay back


Money you earn to help pay for educational expenses



Money you have to pay back


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Emergency Assistance

For students experiencing hardships during their time at 澳门唯一正规官方网站.

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